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- EventWatcher 0.4.2 has been released. This release adds a keep button alongside with the delete button to event items. (Screenshot below)
- Debian packages are now maintained by the Kalyxo project.
- Added EventWatcher 0.4.1 package for Debian SID by Sergio Rodriguez.
- EventWatcher 0.4.1 has been released. It contains a few minor UI improvements.
- EventWatcher 0.4 has been released. This release features a cool new event view and many other improvements.
- EventWatcher 0.3 has been released. There are bug fixes and some cool features like a log file monitoring plugin or a list of default RSS feeds for the RSS plugin: eventwatcher-0.3.tar.bz2
- EventWatcher 0.2 has been released. Among other small changes, the new version includes an improved user interface and event history support: eventwatcher-0.2.tar.bz2;
- EventWatcher 0.2.1 has been released which contains one compile fix: eventwatcher-0.2.1.tar.bz2
- I've set up a little web page;
- Initial release of EventWatcher: eventwatcher-0.1.tar.gz;
- Flameeyes has made a Gentoo ebuild for EventWatcher, get it at http://flameeyes.web.ctonet.it.
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EventWatcher is a KDE application which notifies you about various events.

"Events" are pieces of information about, for example, news ticker or blog updates, new emails, user logons, system warnings, hardware events etc.

They get collected by EventWatcher plugins and sent to the main application which lives in the KDE system tray for most of the time and displays this information.

EventWatcher requires KDE/Qt 3.2.

Visit the project summary at Sourceforge...

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Main window (0.4.2) (74 KB)
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Main window (69 KB)
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General Settings (27 KB)
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Log Plugin Settings (36 KB)
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RSS Plugin Settings (39 KB)

Old screenshots...

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Get the ChangeLog here.

Current source package: eventwatcher-0.4.1.tar.bz2

Or go to the project file list at Sourceforge for all file releases.

Distro binary packages:

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If you have any suggestions or wishes, don't hesitate to contact us:
Eldad Zack <eldadz at users.sourceforge TLD net> (current maintainer)
Sandro Giessl <ceebx at users.sourceforge TLD net> (original author)

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